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The REO Agent Map & Directory are the search results pages that asset managers see when searching for local reo agents.  Featured members are displayed on the REO Agent map and are shown first in search results for LIFE!  Yes we mean for life, this is a one-time lifetime membership.  Our new motto is, if you’re a qualified local REO Agent, we want you on the map.  All we require is that you complete the REO Training and Certification that is provided, and you keep your information up to date.  

What is an REO Profile with Webpage?

All REO Lister orders receive a free REO Profile with a unique URL that can be shared with anyone.  The REO Profile serves as a mini online resume and gives you credibility as a local REO Pro.  Your full contact info is displayed, you can publicly list your REO Experience and Areas of Service.  You can upload your photo or logo and even link to your website.

Express service 5 to 7 business days

Over 80 Manually Processed Registrations with National REO Banks and Asset Management / Valuation Companies

Confirmed via your personal email

100% Secure

No Renewal Fees


Since becoming a Featured Member on REO Industry Directory I have added two large accounts from the top 5 Asset Management Companies in the country….and now I am looking to hire more new REO staff. Amazing! I highly recommend this service. 

-Hanh Vo

Our full service of over 80+ Banks and Asset Management / Valuation Company Registrations. 

Plus, our bonus REO Training & Certification and a Featured Profile on our online REO Directory 

REO Industry Directory


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What is Lifetime Featured  Placement on REO Agent Map & Directory?

What is the REO Training & Certification?

REO Lister Package

Successful REO agents receive certified REO training in order to understand REOs and BPOs, and break into the REO business. However, it’s not just about getting in the door, but staying there. We show you how to become an REO agent, how to get in with the banks and complete BPOs. Plus, we show your certification on your search results and on your profile so asset managers will know you’re a pro.  The Training course is delivered to you electronically and your test is taken online. If you fail the test, you can retake it as many times until you pass. See Product Page.  



Product Description

Get registered with REO Clients 

Everything you need in one easy package